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Graduation project students are expected to develop a project based on a concept which in its context is consistent with the multidisciplinary structure of our department. These projects may include future-oriented designs, artistic installations, multimedia applications, and different designs that contribute to the art and business world. Students must present a fully complete project in terms of the concept and designs about its selected theme with well-organized materials.


1. It aims for the student’s preparedness for managing encounters and challenges in the field of communication design.

2. It enables the student to obtain skills to communicate effectively to another party in a multimedia environment from the beginning of a concept through its process of development in a creative and appealing manner until it is complete.

3. It requires the student’s ability to achieve artistic sense of selection of style and formatting the media environment.

4. It ensures the student’s capability to obtain the technical skills to transform designs into creative products.

5- It empowers the student’s capacity to recognize culturally, aesthetically, ethically and life sensitive methods of analysis and to acquire development-oriented mindset.

6. It encourages the student’s capability to take a designer’s initiative.

7. It empowers the student’s ability to design and construct a high level campaign that highly meets the expectations of a business sector by correct interpretations of those expectations with efficient time management.

8. It empowers the student’s capacity to learn the technology and shaping social media.

9. It ensures the student’s capability and being fit to work in 2D, 3D, print Web, time-based, interactive multimedia environments .

10. It empowers the student’s ability to acquire innovative thinking, development- oriented and future-oriented mindset.