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Dean’s Message

In 1990s, there were many thinkers that I enjoyed researching and referencing during my undergraduate and post-graduate studies. Aristotle, one of the most important figures of ancient Greek philosophy, was definitely one of them. In Rhetoric, he dealt with the principles of the art of oratory and attributed the success of communication to three factors: While “Ethos” expressed the character, honesty, reliability and reputation of the person who started the communication, “Pathos” emphasized the power of influencing the listener especially through the ability to empathize. “Logos”, on the other hand, highlighted the element of logic and explained that the above-mentioned effect could only be realized through logical arguments.

The impact of these elements in managing the communication process and their role in changing human attitudes and behaviors make me feel the same pleasure even today. Here, as the members of the Faculty of Communications family, we, open the door to this stunning world through our intellectual and industrial knowledge of dozens of issues such as teamwork, creating strategies, launching, presenting, and selling ideas, being different from the man on the street, and maintaining the delicate balance between "I’ll do anything for 100 percent customer satisfaction" and a moral individual.

Each member of this family, which you will get to know better as you scroll through our pages, aims to act as a guide within the framework of her/his own mission and vision, both during your university life and after your graduation. In this way, minor/double major opportunities with many departments inside and outside of our faculty, the opportunity to taste the education life in European, American, Canadian and Australian universities via our Erasmus and Exchange agreements, the opportunity to combine academic knowledge with applied studies through Mac laboratories, ILA-the Faculty of Communication Agency, the News Agency, and the Radio-TV studios and finally, the long-term internship practice implemented as of the 2018-2019 Academic Year, where our students are placed in local government units, non-governmental organizations and, of course, respected institutions run in the communications industry, will undoubtedly, make the children coming out of this family more qualified individuals.

In the process of creating more qualified individuals, there is one more detail that I would like to emphasize by considering the principles and values ​​of Yeditepe University: When Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Turkish Republic, said, "All my hope is in the youth", "We do not need anything except for one thing; to be hardworking”, and “Let me say that you are very smart. This is obvious. But forget about intelligence; always be hardworking”, he certainly did not mean just getting high marks in exams. What he meant by these was that young people should have ideas and conscience, be self-confident, fair, questioning, critical, and free-minded, have a broad horizon of thought and a spirit of research, interpret global realities, and take care of whatever they are doing without underestimating. As you enter a new turn where your university education is concerned, I would like to express that we are excited to continue all these values ​​with you, and on behalf of the Yeditepe Communications family, I embrace you all with love.


Prof. Dr. Billur Ülger