Our Aim: National and International Competent Communicators

Public Relations and Publicity Department started its academic activities with Professor Dr. Ayseli Usluata's founding chairmanship in 1996. Today it is one of the most preferred departments in Turkey in the field of communications. 

Our department provides education to more than 400 students with its staff consisting of academicians who have proven themselves at national and international levels and leading names in the sector, PRP continues its success with increasing national and international activities and awards every year. As a department that attaches importance to social and cultural ties, our goal is to support the residents of the nursing homes and primary school students in around Kayışdağı with our award-winning “7 to 77” social responsibility project. At the same time, we bring together the leading experts in the sector with students through courses and/or seminars.

We develop different programs and agreements to improve our students' international understanding and enhance their experience. Erasmus and Exchange agreements are increasing every year; We welcome students and lecturers from various countries. Also with these exchange programs, our students may study abroad.

We are proud of our graduates who work in boatsful positions in the communication sector and raise our goals to the highest level. We would like you to join our candidates who will work in the communication sector, national and global companies, political institutions, bureaucracy, and non-governmental organizations.