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Our Aim: National and International Competent Communicators

Public Relations and Publicity Department started its academic activities with Professor Dr. Ayseli Usluata's founding chairmanship in 1996. Today it is one of the most preferred departments in Turkey in the field of communications.

Our department provides education to more than 400 students with its staff consisting of academicians who have proven themselves at national and international levels and leading names in the sector, PRP continues its success with increasing domestic and international activities and awards every year. As a department that attaches importance to social and cultural ties, our goal is to support the residents of the nursing homes and primary school students in around Kayışdağı with our award-winning “7 to 77” social responsibility project. At the same time, we bring together the leading experts in the sector with students through courses and/or seminars.

We develop different programs and agreements to improve our students' international understanding and enhance their experience. Erasmus and Exchange agreements are increasing every year; We welcome students and lecturers from various countries. Also, with these exchange programs, our students may study abroad.

We are proud of our graduates who work in boatsful positions in the communication sector and raise our goals to the highest level. We would like you to join our candidates who will work in the communication sector, national and global companies, political institutions, bureaucracy, and non-governmental organizations.

Program Goals

  • Students should have the necessary theoretical equipment to be successful in academic studies,
  • Students should have the skills to choose and use contemporary tools necessary for field applications.
  • To equip students with the critical view, analytical approach, problem solving, multi-faceted thinking, interpretation and inference skills required for effective public relations practices,
  • Students should be trained as public relations and publicity specialists who can communicate effectively, especially in written and verbal presentations, can work in teams and interdisciplinary, have a sense of responsibility, are creative, self-confident and adhere to ethical principles,

  • To raise students as individuals who are committed to democracy, respect human rights and are aware of their social responsibilities.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • S/he has theoretical knowledge about the field of public relations
  • S/he knows the research methods and techniques that are related to the field of public relations.
  • S/he has knowledge and awareness about the interdisciplinary issues that are required by the field. S/he comprehends the relation of those issues with public relations.
  • S/he is able to make oral presentations in English about her/his field.
  • S/he has the digital competencies that are required by the field.
  • S/he has the ability of creative thinking that is required by the field of public relations.
  • S/he has the abilities of research, planning, implementation, measurement and assessment that are necessary for a successful public relations practice.
  • S/he evaluates and applies the knowledge and abilities she/he has acquired in her/his field to partner organizations in the sector through teamwork.
  • S/he is able to evaluate the knowledge and abilities she/he has acquired in her/his field from an analytical and critical perspective.
  • S/he has the awareness of practicing and developing the profession of public relations by adhering to ethical rules.

Below is the link to the Public Relations and Publicity Department's Curriculum.


What is the Department of Public Relations and Publicity?

Public Relations and Publicity is the best way for institutions and organizations to effectively manage their brand reputation in today's world where globalization and technological developments affect every aspect of life. In our age of increased competition and proliferation of communication channels, organizations need to keep their effective communication skills at a high level. In parallel with this situation, the demand for professional workforce in the sector continues to increase day by day. Yeditepe University Public Relations and Publicity undergraduate program aims to train professionals who can use their communication skills strategically in the business world, master new communication technologies, have knowledge and skills in their field, and have advanced foreign language skills by providing a qualified education within the framework of the basic principles of public relations. In this direction, the department trains its students to become experts with a certain competence in national and global markets. The program, which combines the theoretical and practical areas of public relations and publicity discipline, offers students a comprehensive and qualified education program from law to marketing principles, from digital literacy to reputation management, from consumer behavior to crisis management.

With the globalizing world, corporate communication departments are indispensable for institutions and organizations that want to maintain their communication activities, brand and reputation management. For this reason, the profession of public relations and publicity has taken its place among today's favorite professions and has become one of the most preferred departments by students. Yeditepe University Public Relations and Publicity Department is a 4-year undergraduate program affiliated to the Faculty of Communication. In order to be a student of the department, it is necessary to graduate from the verbal departments of high schools and to make the university choice from the verbal score type. Students who graduate from the department can work in almost all sectors and scales of companies operating in the national and international arena. 

Public Relations and Publicity Base Points and Ranking



Score Type


Base Score

Success Rank


Public Relations and Publicity (English) (Scholarship)






Public Relations and Publicity (English) (50% Discount)






Public Relations and Publicity (English) (Without Scholarship)



Not filled

Not filled

Public Relations and Publicity Department Fees and Prices

You can visit this page for Yeditepe University Department of Public Relations and Publicity 2023 - 2024 academic year tuition fees and payment plan and other curiosities.

Public Relations and Publicity Scholarship Opportunities

Students have the opportunity to benefit from full, 50% and 25% scholarships according to their success in the university entrance exam. A total of 53% of the department's students receive scholarships. Scholarships continue throughout the normal education period of academic programs without interruption. Yeditepe University also supports its students with various scholarship programs such as management scholarship and athlete scholarship. You can get detailed information about scholarship opportunities by reviewing the Public Relations and Publicity Department Scholarship Opportunities page. You can reach the relevant page here, you can review the departments and scholarship opportunities.

Studying Public Relations and Publicity at Yeditepe University

Under the umbrella of Yeditepe University Faculty of Business Administration, the Department of Public Relations and Publicity offers an education program that aims to train professionals who can establish strategic relationships between institutions and their target audience, use communication technologies at a high level, analyze social dynamics well, adhere to professional ethical values, think and apply globally, and are experts in their field. The curriculum includes courses on the basic framework of the discipline of public relations and publicity, scientific research methods, internet and new media. Our teaching staff, consisting of academics who have proven themselves nationally and internationally with their work and prominent names in the sector, guide our students with all their knowledge. With regular workshops, students have the opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge they learn in the courses. At the same time, the Communication Agency ILA, equipped with new technologies operating within the Faculty of Communication, serves as an important practice area for students.

In this context, our curriculum has been formed with the categories of Basic courses, Field courses and Elective courses. Elective courses are divided into three groups; Field Elective courses that students can choose for their own field, Free Elective courses in the elective course pool of the university outside their field, and Concentration Area Elective courses, which include courses agreed upon by the two departments, for students who want to concentrate more on a certain field.

Student exchange agreements are made with leading higher education institutions in Europe in order for students to get to know different cultures, increase their experiences and improve their perspectives. Through these exchange programs, our students spend one or two semesters of their education abroad. Apart from student exchange programs, simultaneous courses are held with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in the USA within the scope of the Global Communication course.

Thanks to events such as interviews, conferences and seminars organized by the Department of Public Relations and Publicity throughout the year, students have the opportunity to meet with leading representatives of their field of expertise. The strong connection between the department and the sector enables students to get to know the business world while they are still studying.

What Does a Public Relations and Publicity Graduate Do? Where Do They Work?

Public Relations and Publicity undergraduate program is a department that supports interdisciplinary knowledge. For this reason, graduates who successfully complete their education can work in a wide range of professions in the public and private sectors both at home and abroad. They can work in departments such as Corporate Communication, Public Relations, Advertising, Strategic Marketing Communication, Brand Management, Corporate Responsibility, Corporate Communications, Public Relations, Advertising, Strategic Marketing Communication, Brand Management, Corporate Responsibility of National and International Private Companies, Public Institutions, Non-Governmental Organizations, Media and Broadcasting Organizations, Advertising Agencies, Research Companies, Banks, National and International Organizations operating in different sectors. Graduates have the opportunity to work in roles such as manager, consultant, brand representative, copywriter, strategic communicator, advertising director, content manager, marketing specialist.  Graduates who have the opportunity to direct their careers as academicians can continue their studies in the academic field by continuing their master's and doctoral studies.

Mission and Vision


The Department of Public Relations and Publicity educates students who will shape the communication and public relations sector with its academic staff who have proven themselves nationally and internationally. In addition to the opportunity to do minors and double majors in different departments, we also have the opportunity to study in Europe with Erasmus agreements. We prepare our students as world citizen communication experts who can think analytically, produce creative solutions, have self-confidence, adhere to ethical rules, and act with the awareness of social responsibility.


To raise individuals who can correctly comprehend cause and effect relationships, analyze and solve problems, are productive, self-confident, respectful to nature and people, and aware of their social responsibilities. 

Core Values

Our core value is to maintain our contemporary perspective on education without compromising the principles of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and the Republican Renaissance.

Student Exchange Programs

International Student Mobility: Erasmus and Other Exchange Programs 

Our faculty, which has bilateral agreements with many higher education institutions abroad, attaches great importance to student mobility. For this reason, the Department of Public Relations and Publicity welcomes many students from universities all over the world every semester within the scope of Erasmus and exchange programs and sends students to these universities.  

Students who want to apply for international exchange programs and get detailed information can visit Yeditepe University International Office or contact our department Erasmus coordinator Assoc. Prof. Dr. Özlem Akkaya.


Department Erasmus Coordinator

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Özlem Akkaya

e-mail: ozlem.akkaya@yeditepe.edu.tr 
Extension: 2269
Office GSF 602

Bologna Process

Higher education departments in Europe, which are compatible with each other, aim to strengthen their communication capabilities within the scope of the Bologna Process and to eliminate the differences that occur during implementation. The main purpose of this process is to strengthen the communication between instructors and students. Students of the Department of Public Relations and Publicity continue their education and training activities as more conscious and equipped thanks to the Bologna Process.

Click here to see the Program Information Package


Double Major and Minor Programs

In addition to their main undergraduate programs, our university offers undergraduate students the opportunity to receive a second undergraduate diploma as a student in a different program within the university (double major) or to study in a minor program to enable them to gain knowledge in a specific field. Students who fulfill the necessary conditions can apply to the relevant Faculty Dean's Offices at the beginning of the third semester at the earliest and the fifth semester at the latest, and those who want to do a minor at the beginning of the third semester at the earliest and the sixth semester at the latest.

In order to apply for the double major program, the student must have a GPA of at least 3 out of 4 and must have a placement score not less than the base score of the double major program in the relevant year. In order to be able to study double major with scholarship, there is an average of 3.25 out of 4. For application to minor programs, the GPA must be at least 2.5 out of 4. For scholarship, there is a 3 GPA requirement. 

In order to start DMP and Minor programs, a learning protocol must be signed between the relevant departments, including additional courses, equivalent courses and common courses that the student must take, and this protocol must be accepted by the senate of our university. More detailed information on the implementation of DMP and minor programs can be found in the Yeditepe University Associate and Undergraduate Education Regulations published on our university website.

The student may drop out of the DMP or minor program voluntarily or under the conditions stipulated in the undergraduate regulations. If the student leaves the DMP or minor program, he/she does not have to repeat the courses in the failed DMP or minor program.

A second major undergraduate diploma is given to the student who has achieved the right to graduate in the main undergraduate program in which he / she is enrolled and who completes the DMP program, and a minor certificate is given to the student who completes the minor program. 

Click here to see the Double Major Agreements of our department

Click to see the Minor Agreements of our department