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The Communication Festival "COMMFest'18", organized by Yeditepe University's Faculty of Communication was held at the University's 26 Ağustos Campus under the media sponsorship of The Brand Age. Organized by students under the coordination of Advertising Design and Communication Department instructor Assist. Prof. Dr. Gülşah AYDIN, COMMFEST'18 covered issues related to the world of communication.       

The festival, an open air event for two days, brought together leading names and brands of the communication industry with the students. Interviews with the names who participated as speakers at COMMFest'18 took place on the stage at the festival area. Students also had the chance to participate in interactive activities throughout the day in a festive mood.

Concerts by C Blok and Demence Procece

On April 26, the first day of the festival, Yeditepe University graduate and "FOX TV" Project Coordinator Merve Aycan, shared her experiences in business life. The event continued with a speech on street photography by Mustafa Seven, a photography artist.


In the afternoon, Elli5 Event Agency founder and Yeditepe University graduate Fatih Türe shared his experiences with students. McCann Digital Creative Group President Cemil Haşimi and McCann Copywriter Reha Üçöz conducted a conversation with students about tips and tricks of business life.


The first day of the event ended with a concert by C Block and a musical performance by Demence Precoce.

A Hobby turned into a Profession


On Friday, April 27, the second day of COMMFest, Digital Advertising Development Specialist Mehmet Aydoğan emphasized that private life and business life should not be mixed. Emre Yunusoglu, who talked to students about photography and people, also talked about his own archive and said that that one day he would publish his archive on his social media accounts. Following Emre Yunusoğlu, Haberturk Programmer Didem Arslan Yılmaz shared her professional experiences.

After Arslan, Varol Yaşaroğlu, the founder of Grafi2000, told about his love of cartoons. Yaşaroğlu expressed that he realized that studying at a school was meaningless when he saw that drawing cartoons made him happy.


Later, YouTubers İrem Akdemir and Simla Canpolat expressed that they started Instagram and Youtube as a hobby, but later made profit from these. Akdemir said that she left the advertising agency after deciding to work in this area. Canpolat, a sociology graduate, still works as a brand editor in an advertising agency. After their talks, Derin Marl sang her new song for the first time at the festival and the Fermuar gave a Turkish rock concert.
















Risky Games

In the event, Doritos, Google, Filli Boya, BUBU Design and Diyetkolik participated with their booths.

Participants enjoyed exciting competitions at Doritos' risk game, draw their dreams into the air with VR goggles at Filli Boya's Renxmatic Truck, took part in a rope pulling contest and participated in entertaining song competitions. Google's Digital Workshop booth also added a magical touch to the event.