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Top Brands Came Together at Yeditepe

The "Brand Summit", organized by Yeditepe University Faculty of Communication Advertising Design and Communication and Public Relations and Promotion Departments, played host to top brand names.

At the Brand Summit, where brands' strategies and communication activities in the world and in Turkey are addressed, representatives of brands conveyed their experiences to the students for two days and gave tips.

The summit, organized by students under the coordination of Integrated Marketing Communications Management Master’s Degree Program Prof. Duygu Aydın Aslaner, was held at the Fine Arts Conference Hall on 6-7 December.

Speaking at the opening of the summt, Dean of the Faculty of Communication at Yeditepe University, prof. Dr. Billur Ülger, explained the origins of the word "brand" and expressed that today we use it in the same meaning of leaving a mark, differentiating through various indicators and making difference realized. Quoting the words of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos “Your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room." Ülger continued: “Well, if other people are going to talk about us when we’re not in the room, let’s give them interesting things to talk about regardless of what industry we are in”

"We have a big problem with education"

The summit’s first speaker, Technical Director Yılmaz Vural, pointed out that money and energy are everything, success is not "because have a big problem with education ... No one is stupid, everyone learns if you teach. If they learn, they can do anything using their own creativity."

beIN Sports Commentator / Milliyet Newspaper columnist Şansal Büyüka emphasized that education is not being given enough importance in our times and said, "We are in a period when loyalty is more important than qualification." Büyüka said that working in the field of communication requires a great deal of sacrifice, "Television is not a place for pretension, talk a lot, but use less words and create something absolutely extraordinary."

"Make Employees Brand Ambassadors"

Tijen Mergen, founder of Power of Happiness Platform said, "The new owners of a brand are its consumers now. No matter what we do we need to understand the consumers very well ... The employees are very important. It is necessary to make a great effort for them to become brand ambassadors. Stories are our magic formula. Start to be a story collector".

Six Rules for Ideas That Sell

M.A.R.K.A. Advertising Agency CEO Hulusi Derici described the basic principles for advertising, marketing and communication that would differentiate a brand from competitors in a humorous presentation. Derici listed the characteristics of “ideas that sell” as follows: "Unexpectedness, concreteness, credibility, emotions, the existence of a story and simplicity."

"Never Forget about Legitimacy"

On the second day of the summit, Markam Consulting CEO Güven Bolu, Yubai Creative Brands CEO Yunus Baran, Brand Consultant Dilek Özman were the guests of the first session. In his speech, Baran said, "You should never forget about lawfulness and legitimacy"

In the following hours, Burak Basmacı, General Manager of Sales and Marketing at Filli Boya, pointed out the importance of reaching your target audience in the right time and place and about quality management on social media.

"They told us we were mad"

Kafa Magazine Publisher / Journalist Candaş Tolga Işık mentioned statements regarding the death of the written media and said they were not correct but that written media had regressed. He added:

"When we shared the idea of publishing “Kafa”, we were told we were mad. The attention to our publication has surprised us in a country where only one book is read in two years.”

The summit’s last guest Sabah / ATV Brand and Marketing Group President Sinan Köksal explained how a brand can come to the fore despite message bombardments.