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As the Department of Journalism, our goal is to train journalists who are fully equipped and possess journalistic values.

The Department of Journalism, which started its academic activities in 1996, is preferred by more students every year due to its opportunities and successful graduates in the field of communication.

Journalism, which is one of the fastest adapting areas to the ability to transform technological developments into professional competence, has a mission to carry ethical and human values. In our department, it is aimed to train journalists who use technological equipment and other skills correctly and responsibly, respecting national and moral values, foreseeing, having historical and geographic awareness, and experts who are in line with international journalistic goals.

Our academicians with an interdisciplinary perspective and the department staff consisting of names from the sector which have an essential place in the field of journalism support the production of the students; participates in necessary competitions and activities in the field. Journalism students are preparing for the sector with their success and application channels from the contests they are nominated as journalists of the future.

The students of the Department of Journalism develop their practical knowledge in Yeditepe Postası magazine and in Gazete Yeditepe and in the koridor.yeditepe.edu.tr, Yeditepe News Agency (YHA), which works with a multi-faceted agency model, is also experiencing different areas of the sector.

For our students to be successful in the profession of journalism, they require the ability to observe the society in which they are located. In this context, “Dört Mevsim Kayışdağı," which is an important project prepared by our students, provides an essential visual map to show how the physical change in social transformation and development accelerates and changes direction with universities. Projects produced in cooperation between departments and to support interdisciplinarity are also carried out. In this context, the series of documentaries, "Faili Meşhur" about the lives of the murdered journalists were realized and the motivating aspect of research and working with different disciplines was discovered.

Seminars, panels, meetings that will bring together students representing professionals from various fields in the sector are aimed to follow the developments in the industry. New universities are added to Erasmus and Exchange agreements every year to increase the international experiences of our students and contribute to their perspectives. Students and academicians from different countries also visit our department.

Our students in the Department of Journalism take on the tasks that meet our goals and objectives and honor us. The increasing importance of communication and journalism is valued with professional values and social sensitivities. We would like to see you among our students who contribute to these values and who work in different mediums in the field of communication and turn towards national and international goals.