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Double Major – Minor 

The University provides students with the opportunity of getting a second undergraduate degree (doucle major) or gaining knowledge at a certain field  (minor rogram) as a student at a different program in addition to their undergraduate programs. Students who meet the requirements  and wish to pursue a double major,  can  apply to the dean's office at the concerned faculty in their third term earliest, and in their fifth term the latest. The application period for the students who wish to do a minor is not earlier than their third term.

To apply for a double major program, the applicant is required to have a GPA of 3 out of 4. To qualify to become a double major student with scholarship, a GPA of 3,25 out of 4 is requiredFor scholarship at a minor program a GPA of 3 is required.

For double major and minor programs, a protocol regarding the additional courses the student has to take and accreditation between the two departments should be signed between the concerned departments and approved by the senate. Further information about Double Major and Minor Programs can be found in Yeditepe University Rules and Regulations for Education at Associate and Undergraduate Degrees, a document published at the university website.

The student can drop out of the Double Major (ÇAP) or Minor program at his/her own request or in accordance with the conditions stated in the undergraduate regulations. The student does not have to repeat the courses in the double mojor /minor program upon leaving the program.The student who completes the double major (ÇAP) program and acquires the right to graduate is given given a second major diploma. If the student completes a minor program, a certificate is given.

The student who completes the main major program but not yet completed all the courses in the double mojor program is given the right to complete the second major program until the end of the term stated in the regulations.


Students at Yeditepe University are provided the opportunity of completing a dual degree at undergraduate and graduate programs with the leading universities of the world.